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Micro Mesh 2 Way Files

Micro Mesh 2 Way Files


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These 2 Way Files are available with the following grades of abrasive.

3 Grit Stick. 2400(Black or Pink) / 4000(White) / 12000(Grey)
4 Grit Stick. 180mx(Black) / 2400(Pink) / 4000(Cream) / 12000(Grey)
2400 Grit Stick. (Black)
12000 Grit Stick. (Grey) 

Available as a single or a 4 pack
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MX is produced with a  bit stiffer resin than the regular Micro-Mesh. Perfect for all surfaces especially metal and harder woods

Can be used to smooth the nibs and any rough spots on barrels and caps of pens.

MICRO-MESH is the original "cushioned" abrasive backed with a flexible cloth and resilient inner layer.
The large micro-graded silicon carbide crystals recede to an even planing level as they establish each successively fine scratch pattern
the "cushioned" action minimises deep random scratching and unnecessary steps, unavoidable with conventional abrasives. 
Thus resulting in extended abrasive life, the best surface finish possible in fewer steps.

Using water as a lubricant is encouraged to extend abrasive life and cool the work surface.

MICRO-MESH is great value, the abrasive surface can be washed, dried and can be reused time and time again.

Please note that there is a photograph of the front and of the reverse of the sticks. A MULTI pack contains 4 files.