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Simichrome Polish 250 gm Tin

Simichrome Polish 250 gm Tin
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A soft paste polish for your pens and pencils, will clean the Caps, Barrel and trim.
Cleans and shines while leaving a protective film.

Can be used on all the following metals. Chrome, Silver, Brass, Aluminium, Gold, Nickel, Pewter, Stainless Steel, Copper.

Use sparingly. Apply a small amount of Simichrome, and polish with a clean cloth. Wipe off excess and buff.

Simichrome can also be used as a test to ascertain if Bakelite is genuine or not.
Dab a small amount on the surface of the item in question, Best done underneath or inside.
Rub gently for between 10 - 15 seconds, the PINK Simichrome will turn YELLOW if the Bakelite is genuine.